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If we cast about some, we may yet be of some small service to The Database by reeling in a few fine, fat chansons en Francais to add! Bon soir, Shula. We don't have nightingales in Canada. I'm sad to see that Youpi! As for Cajun songs, the Balfour Brothers did many. I think Zachery Richard did as well. The Acadian group as in French from the original Acadia; some got away or came back used to do a song I always assumed was Cajun, called La Maudit Guerre pardon my spelling about the expulsion of the Acadians.

Vous n'avez aucun de nightingales?! Tant pis! Et, si vous avez les mots de "Youpi! I lent my one album to someone, so unsure of his surname has recorded some interesting things. A very old song, Au Marches du Palais on the steps of the palace comes to mind, all about a Princess prefering a little cobbler in pre-paparazzi days, naturellement. Do we have those in Canada? I can't tell a sparrow from a wren. Another song is the one about the Quebecois exiled after the rebellion in the 's. It's a very popular Quebecois nationalist song, but a very pretty song none the less.

I lent my Marcel Beneteau CD to a friend. I will get it back and submit the lyrics to the database. I was unaware that it accepted French songs. These songs are fairly rare and should be preserved. Sorry I can't reply in French. Mine isn't good enough that I feel confident to post in it although I know enough to get by. My family hasn't spoken French as its native tongue since the King of France chased us out and over to Yorkshire in the time of Good Queen Bess. Considering the wild folk-spelling variations we receive, I think that the editing is essential.

Having said all this, I'd love to get more non-English-language material. Anybody have any suggestions on how best to deal with the problems? Or a sub-page? Or how about only accepting postings in Esperanto from here on out? Subject: From: Tim Jaques tjaques netcom. Those who can speak and read French know where they are supposed to be anyway. You could have a subdatabase for French songs, but it doesn't appear that you have that many that it matters at this point.

Greenhaus, Can't be much help with ASCII, but would be glad to edit any lyrics submitted in standard French, until a native speaker offers. Others, more knowledgeable in the vocabulary and syntax of other forms of the language, could pick up the slack in those departments -- how about it mes amis? Have a friend who might be willing to do the same for your Spanish contributions. Just vaguely recall the odes of Mssrs. Keats and Shelley on the fowl in question.

My own French, a relic of childhood, is well-rusted, I assure you; I simply have no shame! Thanks for correcting my spelling of "Quebecois;" just guessed; glad to get it right. Though not so rare and precious as the tantalising prospects mentioned above, it would be nice to have more than a couple of verses for each, which is all my feeble memory can recall. Now I just need some contributions. We don' need no steenking subdatabases.

No, we don't have nightingales in French, "rossignols" here in the New Improved World. Skylarks are also Old World birds, but oddly enough the answer to Tim's question is yes, you do have them in Canada, since they've been successfully introduced on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately, my French-English dictionary has too strong a European bias to include American names for birds. I am familiar with standard, i. Parisian French, and even that, from childhood. Would love help correcting these songs, especially those in Canadian and other forms of French.

Propose I send questionable lines, words, phrases to you on your personal page, and you respond in kind. This way, you are spared miles of unnnecessary verbiage to check, and I can rely on a better informed source for the truly questionable material. What say? Dick : What's the word on accents; shall I include 'em or not?

Recently found many more songs while surfing; -- interested? It occurs when people try to seach for words containing accented letters. Suggest you skip the accents. Non-English entries could have double titles, or even double versions, one without diacriticals. What do others think? He said he found it through a "Dogpile" Search for "les petits bateaux". By the way, there are lots of French folk songs, but they often pass for children's songs, that's why 'serious' singers rarely sing them. About the accents and searching, what about putting the accents in, but add the non-accented word next to it inside an html tag, so it will be hidden to view, but searchable?

Is that too much editing work? The music was different from the tune we sing nowadays the latter was popularized by Yves Montand's recording in and was taken from a book published in but it was inspired by older songs forming the group known as "La Flamande" that had been previously published by Jehan Chardavoine "Recueil des plus belles et excellentes chansons en forme de voix des villes", More than 40 versions have been published between and according to Patrice Coirault. In the midi file attached, you can hear two voices successively.

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Sometimes, in the lowest voice, the "lon la" is omitted so that the highest voice "lon la" can be heard better. Click to play. Subject: RE:lyrics request for french folk songs From: judy Date: 27 Oct 97 - PM Shula and other Francophiles: Finally got off my posterior to look through my record, book, and song collections to give you an answer with details. I find that most of the books that contain the most popular traditional music is either in children's books or scouting type books. And another called "Brave Margot". When she unbuttons her blouse to give a little "gougoutte" diminutive for taste to her cat, all the guys in the village gather round.

He has tons of others that are terrific and the music is great too. The Petite Larousse Illustre describes him as "Auteur de chansons poetiques, pleines de verve et de non-conformisme. Editions Musicales My husband and I are very into Breton and Provence music. I also like Parisian button accordian music and Quebequoise mangled sp? I will give you the name of the group, one record title and the record company. We have more titles if anyone wants. I tried to translate it.

I could use some help for missing and mangled translation please. Song is about a girl whose brother kills her while she is in the form of a white stag I know that stag is male but doe seemed too small and petite joyeux Halloween what holiday like Halloween do they have? C'est moi.

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C'est longtemps que je vous avez "parler", malheureus! Je suis tres ocupee avec les etudes en ce moment et c'est tres dificile de trouver le temps de m'amuser sur le 'computer'. Je m'excuse. Alors, j'ai vue ce "thread" masc or fem? Il y a un station sur l'internet qui donne beaucoup des chansons a peu pres de "Alouette". Il s'appelle Les Comptines mais je ne sais pas si quelqu'un l'a donne deja.

J'espere parler avec tout le monde a bientot en Anglais je pense. Grosses Bissess Slan go foill Laoise de Belfast. Halloween has become a celtic celebration in recent times - it was brought to America by the conquistadores, for whom all saints was a big Christian event it still is in Spain. The Indians? Working its way north, a Hispano-Indian, Roman Catholic mixture of Christianity, superstition and traditional beliefs revived a moribund All Hallows' celebration.

Of course, in true folk "recycling" tradition, it is now a ancient celtic mysterious feast, but it just hasn't been ancient for very long :- About the Blanche biche , a biche is definitely a doe. A deer is a cerf red deer or a daim a smaller, southerner species. That folk songs are published in scouting, children and religious associations' books was so obvious to me that I would even have thought of saying so.

Nice to know there are fans of George Brassens too. But what do they do on Toussaint's Day? Do they dress up, or is it a church thing? I just heard that the Japanese have started celebrating Halloween like we do because some Americans didn't want their kids to miss out and had a parade and trick or treating.

Thanks for all the info. The Halloween information I have is the other way around.

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Like you say, the native cultures in Mexico, Central and South America also had celebrations regarding the dead. Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead IS a very big thing where they even go to the gravesite and have a meal. I think I remember somewhere in Asia people are very into taking care of the gravesites and have very elaborate ones; almost like mausoleums. I've added a thread called Halloween Origins with all the specifics so that the Halloween thread people and anyone else can see it. And it was terribly long and seemed a bit preachy of me.

Here's the short version. Info taken from an article by Eric A. Watchers of CNN may have seen the Trocadero opposite the Eiffel Tower tricked out in thousands of pumpkins along the contour lines of the landscape -- typical French, develop a new stylistic artistic form. A great debate is raging about whether this represents the latest Americanization or a Celtic rebirth or something to market in the runup to Christmas. Naturally, it is accompanied by handwringing, mingled with the traditional Parisian love of dressing up.

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Why didn't they discover this before? Adding to the ghoulishness: yards away from the Trocadero, the Japanese tour buses now slowly drive past the Diana death site. Above, a monument to Liberty the International Herald Tribune donated a facsimile of the flame of the torch of liberty in which just happens to perch atop the freeway site!

Macabre, mes braves, macabre Yours, Peter. From: Elektra gate. It was sung by I believe a male accompanied by an acoustic guitar and little if anything else, I think. However, the verses were in English, bits and pieces of which I remember and I believe this is roughly the first verse Moon flew away in the night His best friend Magnus?

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I want to say the chorus involves something about "les petites enfants" as a rhymed couplet with "tout le monde", but I could just be completely insane. I was very young at the time I heard it and my friends all think I made it up when I sing it to them! Any help is mucho appreciado!

I remember: Meunier, Tu dors.

  1. Libro delle laudi (Collezione di poesia Vol. 401) (Italian Edition).
  2. French A-Z Name Food Dictionary / Glossary.
  3. The Canadian Brothers, or the Prophecy Fulfilled a Tale of the Late American War — Volume 1.

Ton moulin va trop vite. Meunier, Tu dors. Ton moulin va trop fort. Ton moulin ton moulin ton moulin va trop vite, ton moulin ton moulin ton moulin va trop fort. Also, Alouette; Au clair de la lune; Le petit mousse - which I barely remember - had to do with drawing the short straw. And one with Mironton Mironton Mirontaine:?? Si vous pouvez continuer, aidez-moi. If you can pick it up, please help me. No, I don't get a kick-back, I just happen to think they do a great job on folk tunes.

The guys are from the Peterborough, Ontario region, and go by the name of Tanglefoot. I've seen them twice in concert here in Nova Scotia, and I heartily recommend them. Enjoy, Dan. Quel pure dead brilliant thread! My advice to anyone in the world is As far as French music is concerned they are IT, and possibly the best in any language. If anyone wants I can post 'Perrine etait servante', 'Blanche Niege' 'Voila le Printemps' and any Malicorne, but if they're posted elsewhere let me know and I won't bother.

Subject: RE: From: Graeme Date: 24 Oct 98 - PM On the subject of chansons francaises, does anyone know the lyrics to three songs I learnt at school, back in the early fourteenth century. They were: "Dominique" and Entre les etoiles" sung by somebody called the "The Singing Nun" Around "Je suis prisonnier du boulot" - sometime in the sixties, haven't a clue who sang it. Last one - cabt remember title or singer, but the first couple of lines were: Qui a eu cette idee faux Pour inventer les ecoles?

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  • Bon Chance, mes amis et amies du Mudcat! Regards Baz. They have started growing them around here for Halloween purposes. They are a strange shade of orange and are perfectly shaped for jack o' lanterns. If I find the rest of the song in the song book I got while at summer school at St Pierre and Miquelon, I'll add them: Dominique, nique, nique S'en allait tout simplement Routier, pauvre et chantant En tout chemin, en tout lieu Il ne parle que du bon Dieu, Il ne parle que du bon Dieu. I have a version that I will post tomorrow if nobody beats me to it.

    Frank Phillips. I wish you would post it. I learned it many years ago during the vendage while cutting the grapes. I also learned "Janeton" from a young french girl named Corinne: JANETON Janeton prends sa fancille La rirette, la rirette Janeton prends sa fancille Et s'en va couper des joncs Et s'en va couper des joncs En chemin elle rencontre Quatre et jeunes et beaux garcons Le premier un peu timide Lui chattouille le menton Le deuxieme un peu moins sage Lui souleva son jupon Le troisieme encore moins sage L'allangia sur le gazon Ce que fit le quatrieme N'est pas dit dans la chanson La morale de cette histoire C'est que les hommes sont des cochons La morale de cette morale C'est que les femmes aiment les cochons!

    How this song progresses from a maiden going out to cut corn? As I mentioned, I learned this song from a co-worker while crawling beside or bending over the grapevines. Usually, we worked in pairs, one taking either side of the row. No one seemed to pay much attention to us until we got to the end, when invariably, all the men in the vineyard would stand and lustily sing along with the last verse! Not much to do with music though. Subject: RE: lyrics request for french folk songs From: fontain cnwl.

    I originally submitted the request for the lyrics for French folk songs back in In the meantime, someone referred me to the following URL where I found the information I was looking for. In case anyone is interested, please go to this site: www. Merci beaucoup! Jack Hickman. Great song. He also has done several other songs on different albums that include some French lines. L'Air de la Louisiane is one that is totally in French. Hope this helps. Are there two performers with the same name? I notice that the overall thread title is enclosed in quotation marks.

    But in the reply box, under subject it just reads RE: unless the respondant types aomething in. I seem to recall that she died an inauspicious death in mid s amid some sad controversy at least according to the Belgians I knew. She helped get Debbie Reynolds out of a career doldrum. Walloon French uses a more logical system of counting: no quatre vingts-dixs or soixante-dixs nonante for 90 and septante for Cheers, Brian. Cheers, Elizabeth. But anyway. For JB3 -- for Corinne, JB3's informant -- and for anyone else who's struck out trying to find this song: It's a phonetic variant title.

    Gotta give credit to my wife and ace researcher Amba Lee on this one. She, thinking back to years of French, realized that "Janeton" is not natively a French name -- even though I, thinking back to similar years of French, insisted it "could be" -- and going by sound alone, tried "Jeanneton" and found it. It's actually a not uncommon French children's song. Midis or MP3s of the tune are less common, but can be found on the web as well. Go Francaises! A number of the songs appear on later Malicorne albums as well, though I've not heard them.

    I've just searched for this song, and found several variants, also titled "Et moi je m'en passe" and "Marie-Madeleine". Here is the version that I learned. The first verse provides the pattern for all following verses. The third line of each verse becomes the first and second lines of the next verse, so I have only provided the successive lines after the first verse. Encore sur la mer il m'envoie. Tant d'amants qui se font l'amour Et moi, je m'en passe.

    Le marinier qui m'y menait Il devint amoureux de moi. The sailor who took me there He became enamored of me. Et dessus la mer il m'envoie, Le marinier qui me menait, Me dit, ma belle, embrassez-moi, Non, non, monsieur, je ne saurais, Car si mon papa le savait, Ah! Click the buttons at each end of the film strip to navigate and click individual images for a larger version. Catered and self catering. Property amenities - hover your mouse over each one to learn more. Loading map Please select your required dates from the calendar below to get an accurate price.

    To see large country houses, chateaux and villas in Europe, click here. The accommodation comprises:? Quenelle — dumpling like dish, made from puree fish, sometimes includes breadcrumbs, from Lyon Quetsche — sweet plum with green flesh and purple skin Quiche — pastry crust pie with eggs, cream or milk and cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables. Can be served hot or cold. Raie — Ray Raifort — Horseradish.

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