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Dan Riordan, Castleisland. Derek Darby, PP. We remember all who are alone and families grieving, we will make a better effort to walk beside you in the coming year. Kevin McNamara. We look forward to welcoming Amanda Devine now resident in San Giovanni. Survived by daughter Nora, grandson Patrick, sisters Noreen and Joan. Loreto Relihan, John Mulvihill, Fr. Maguerite Shine, Sr. Maura Carmody, Mary White. Mass Knockanure:Thurs 20 th at 7. Kennelly in Tarbert Church recently. Monster Raffle. Spot prizes welcome. Numbers drawn were 13, 15, 19, and Marie Moloney, Knockmeal, Abbeyfeale; 3.

It is a fundraiser for the Stack Family, Moyvane. Further information from Marie Your support will be greatly appreciated. Envelopes are available at the back of both Churches for those who do not have Offertory boxes. Contact Martna on This course is free. God willing adoration will commence again on Tuesday 15th January in Knockanure and on Wednesday 16th January in Moyvane.

Noel Spring Enquiries to Maureen Harty A youth theatre interpretation of the widely read novel presented by Theatrix Stage School, details from The official website for the Extraordinary Missionary Month October was launched last Friday, 30 November marking the th anniversary of the promulgation of the Apostolic Letter, Maximum Illud, by Pope Benedict XV, which gave new energy to the missionary responsibility of proclaiming the Gospel in the World. The mystery and intrigue that initially surrounded the church is still with me to this day but once the building is introduced into your life stories relating to it reveal itself.

In my grandmother's land in Gurtaglanna there is a fort - a nice enclosure surrounded with trees, outside which there is a deep trench. Outside this again is a circle of bushes. When my uncle Danny was a young lad going to school he went outside the fort one day, and called on the fairies to come out if they were inside. Nobody came out. A short time afterwards he went into the fort picking nuts. He climbed the tree to get at the nuts on the top branches. He got entangled in the branches, and only for a passer-by luckily coming on the scene, he would have been hanged from the branches, as he was unable to release himself.

This was the fairies' revenge for what he had said. Down near the fort in Ballylongford there was a boy hunting rabbits by night. A rabbit crossed the road, and he threw a stick at the rabbit but he missed him. The following day he got a pain in his hand and that pain went through his body. He tried all remedies to cure it, but it couldn't be cured, and at last he died. Long ago some men were hunting a hare in a fort. They were hunting him for a long time and could not kill him. But at last a certain man who had a very good greyhound said he would chance.

So one day he went hunting around the fort and the dog went in and killed the hare. So when the man went into the fort he found the hare and dog dead inside. He took the hare home with him and when he opened him, he saw a gold ring around his body. He threw him out to the pigs and doga and none of them would eat him. Two men were hunting rabbits near a fort one night. They had two greyhounds, a black greyhound and a brown greyhound. The first rabbit they met ran into the fort and the black greyhound ran after him into the fort.

He ran back again to the men and he screeching and ran around them nine or ten times. The brown dog started to tremble all over. The men continued hunting. Several rabbits. The next morning the dog that ran into the fort was dead. Long ago there lived a man in this neighbourhood by the name of O'Sullivan. This man was very fond of hunting, and used to spend all his time out on the mountain with his hounds. One day, when he was out hunting a beautiful hare rose before him. The dogs gave chase and O'Sullivan who was very fleet of foot followed close behind.

The chase lasted for several hours and in the evening the hare disappeared. O'Sullivan then turned to come home, but at that moment he heard someone call him. When he turned round he saw a beautiful lady dressed in white standing on a rock. The lady said to him, "Why do you follow my hare? These words seemed to please the lady, and taking a mug of milk gave it to him and said, " Take a drink for I know you are thirsty.

When the woman of the house saw the bird she caught it and killed it. The man then took his own form again and he told her the whole story. Long ago Tom Walshe who lived near Newtownsandes was married and he had no children. He was very rich and he had all his money in a hole outside in the stall. One day when Tom was out hunting robbers came to his wife. They asked her where was her money she said that her husband had it hidden outside in a hole in the stall. They went out and found the money. They went into the wood that was near Tom's house. When Tom came home his wife told the story.

He said that they would go into the wood and take the money off them. When they were going Tom told his wife to lock the door, Tom was going away and she did not lock the door of the stall he was crossing the fort he heard beautiful music. He left the horse on the side of the road and went into the fort to listen to the music. The music was so sweet that it set him to sleep. When he woke next morning, he went out in the road to look for his horse, he could not find him. He met a man in the road, he asked him what time was it, the man told him it was nine o'clock.

He said that he would be late for the fair. Then he began thinking that he must have been in the fort for three days. When he came to his own home his wife would not let him into his house. He went to the parish priest, the priest was frightened on seeing him because he was after being at his funeral the day before.

He told the priest how he was in the fort. Then the priest said it was the fairies that put the other man on the horse in his stead. When he came home it was by chance his wife left him into his house. Numbers drawn were 1, 15, 20, and Aishling Griffin, Ardfert; 2. Con Lynch, Gortromagouna; 3. The next draw is the last of ! The Knockanure GAA Football Club would like to pass on a sincere thank you to all the loyal supporters throughout the year. We would like to wish both you and your families a very safe and healthy Christmas!

Predeceased by her husband Gerry and son Jeremiah. Survived by her daughters Lesha, Noelette and Breda, sons David and Kieran, sons-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, brother, sisters, nieces, and nephews. Survived by his mother Margaret, sister Mary, brothers B. Augustine, Sr. Requiem Mass Thursday Burial in St. Tarbert on Thur. Refreshments will be served immediately afterwards in the Community Centre. All are very welcome. All welcome. Mass at 7 p. Music by Stevie Donegan. His siblings Aaron and Leah are also competitive dancers. Tom McMahon. Best man was Niall Finucane and bridesmaid was Eilish Carmody.

The reception was held at the Devon Inn. A special thanks to Fr. Kevin for celebrating Mass with us and a big thank you to the Marian Hall Committee for the use of the hall. Jack is offering an extra Mass at the weekend in Duagh Church each Sundays at Contact Sr. Una on Donations for Living Links Suicide Charity. Refreshments after. All Welcome. Concert starts at 8pm. This will be the 2nd year that this event will take place. For more visit www. The hotel is on the N21 and the public bus services stop a few hundred metres from the hotel. Athea Journal is due out this week.

Please express your interest by giving your name to Denise Parish Office before the end of January More details later. This annual retreat which is open to all and is an ideal way to take time out for personal reflection and opportunity to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation. Please call for both residential and non-residential bookings. Centre Stage Theatre, Belfast return for four sellout shows over two days.

Theatrix Stage School presents a classic favourite. A youth theatre interpretation of the widely read novel presented by Theatrix Stage School. Christmas Eve — Monday, Dec. Mass of the Nativity with Parish Choir. Christmas Day Mass: Tuesday, Dec. Christmas Morning Mass at This new schedule. Padraig and Fr. Asdee has one Mass, Ballylongford and Tarbert. This new schedule will allow two priest celebrate two Masses each on Sunday mornings. You can follow developments on our FB page too. Barry Desmond, In view of the fact that Denmark, Switzerland and Germany have seen fit to introduce such elementary protection for otters and so on, that France is now contemplating the introduction of such legislation and that many rivers in Britain are now completely denuded of such animals and that the churches in this country have specifically condemned this particularly odious perversion of sport, otter-hunting, would the Minister not consider it is high time he gave such facilities so as at least to preserve some of this species?

I am not aware that the countries to which the Deputy has referred have taken any such steps. I have quite recently shot in Germany. They have special laws to enable the people to preserve certain areas so as to get an income from the hunting that goes on in that country, both wild bear and deer, and so on. The same goes for the other countries to which the Deputy refers. I know there is a very small minority view against all forms of beast sports but I think they would have to convert more people to their point of view before I should promulgate legislation in this House.

Is the Minister aware that a person cannot race a dog on a greyhound racetrack unless he is a member of a coursing club? If he does not subscribe to blood sport or does not agree with it, such a person still has to be a member of a coursing club before he can race on a greyhound racing track. Will the Minister ensure that persons who do not approve of blood sport or coursing can race on a greyhound racing track without being a member of a coursing club? Mark A. Clinton; Simply and solely because the coursing club is like Wetherbys, it is the registration authority.

One does not have to course to run a dog on a track, if that is what the Deputy is saying. One can race a dog without ever coursing a dog or taking any part in blood sports as the Deputy says. They are the registration authority. Therefore, one has to operate through them. Just as in horse racing one has to operate through Weltherbys to prove the horses are thoroughbreds. The anti-bloodsports people are very much against falconers.

It is the cruelest sport of all. I suppose when we allow coursing and hares to be captured, we cannot expect too much, but for a hawk to be sent up to take down a lark singing up in the air is to me the cruelest thing. This is nature in action, and you cannot defeat the natural practices of the hawk. We all see the hawk now and again. Rambling House on Thursday 6th December, enjoy a great night of music, song and dance.

Famous Kerry people are the subject of these articles. Whether they are politicians, polar explorers, poets or writers, they are sportsmen and women, rebels and patriots, saints, priests and sinners. They are all Famous Kerry People. Numbers drawn were 1, 16, 20, and Teresa Collins Lisaniska. All walkers must wear visibility vests as the final kilometre is through the streets of Abbeyfeale and involves crossing the busy N21 which must be crossed at the zebra crossing close to the hotel.

Cyclists, with visibility gear and lights, are also welcome and we suggest that they also meet at the hotel at Please come along and enjoy a great night of music, song and dance. Christmas Mass will take place at 12pm in the centre. To book contact Eileen Quinn on The ceremony begins with the Rosary at 6. Fri 7th at 7. Marys Church, Listowel. The story of printing in North Kerry Justice Bryan McMahon. The senior and junior choirs along with the local schools will perform much loved Christmas carols and hymns. Everyone welcome. Hot Food. December 7. Bookings at Deros before December 6.

Phone - Coaches depart Tralee at 4. Contact This prayer meeting will take place every Wednesday. Goddess of lust a play about visit of Jayne Mansfield to Kerry, with local actors; Wed 12 th at The theme is: how Our Lady has preserved and helped the faith to flourish in Ireland in challenging times, and how she can do this once again.

Mass and confessions. Donation only. Fr Tim has returned to Sudan. Mike Rowan Your support would be greatly appreciated and all singers, dancers, storytellers and musicians all welcome to attend. Doors open at 8. To celebrate the th anniversary, the 7. Dublin, on Saturday 8th December , 9am to 5pm. Of interest to doctors, nurses, midwives, health and social care professionals, priests, religious and all healthcare workers. Further information and on-line registration at www. We have a dedicated email address which you can use to get in touch; HarnettReunion gmail.

She was nursing for her order and later qualified as a radiologist, which she practised for seven years. She was then sent to the catholic University at Washington D. Her first mission is to recruit and train girls who wish to enter that order either at home or abroad. HERE is a great tradition for holy wells in Kerry and many are still visited regularly. The holy well tradition captures the whole ritual of pilgrimage offerings, sacred trees, and stones. Many of the wells are dedicated to local saints.

However many are dedicated to Our Lady or are called Sunday's Well. Many of the wells in North Kerry are no longer visited and of some, the tradition is lost. But a number have continued in use and many have recently been reconstructed and are kept in a very good condition. This well consists of a small rectangular enclosure. Contained within it is a small, clear pool, a little slate building; an altar with a slab depicting three figures supposedly St. Brendan, St. Ere and St. Some of the traditions associated with the well say that a landlord from Oakpark in Tralee carried off the stone altar but it was miraculously restored to the well.

When St. Erc baptised St. Brendan at the well, he was presented with three wethers, hence the local name. Another well-known well is 'Lady's Well' in Ballyheigue. Tradition here is that a trout lies in the well, a treasure is buried near the well, treasure-hunters are frightened away by animal roars. The holy well in Ballybunion known as 'Toberreendoney' Sunday's Well was closed up about 25 years ago by the County Council and now only a trickle of water can be seen. The tradition here is that the well moved from the other side of the road when clothes were washed in it, other wells in Beale, Sliss, Killelton, Cockhill, Rattoo have long since lost the tradition of visiting.

THE beautiful 'Holy Wells of Kerry', photographed recently by a group of Killarney students, are currently featuring in an exhibition in the local library. The exhibition is compiled from the work of eight students who were taught photography by well-known Kerry photographer Eileen O'Leary. By Philip Dixon Hardy, M. Numbers drawn were 2, 9, 11, and Eily Mai Moloney, Knockmeal, Abbeyfeale; 3. Francis Nolan and Fr. Joseph's Hospital, Listowel. John Joe Walsh, Sr. Mass at Knockanure on Wed. Contact or Food, feet and fun!

Come check it out. All funds raised will go towards the new lights at the High Field and around the perimeter walking track. The doors will open at 6pm. Music — Stevie Donegan. Tim Galvin is on Sunday, December 9 in St. Leaving Deros, Killarney Friday, December 7 at 3pm. Dinner at 8. Everyone welcome! All are Welcome! In the Church of the Resurrection, Park Road, Killarney, Martina Lehane Sheehan and the Diocesan Choir will an evening of prayer, music and song, beginning at 8pm and concluding at 9pm.

Formed for the Papal Mass in August, the Diocesan Choir come together again to help us pray and celebrate as we move into Advent. Fun and games for all with Mrs. There will be a gift for every child. To book tickets for the latter events, please call Saturday, November Members of the winning All Ireland teams will be in attendance. December 7th Coach will leave Listowel 4. The ceremony will commence at 5 p.

All most welcome. Noel Spring 10th — 17th May Booking required. Nano Nagle Birthplace Everybody welcome. Book Now. She also wants to thank everyone from Abbeyfeale, Duagh, Athea, Templeglantine, Tournafulla, Mountcollins, Rockchapel, Brosna and Knocknagoshel who came out last year for the big switch on and she hopes to see everyone again this year.

All are welcome! The games include favourite activities such as bowling, throwing and lobbing target games. Listowel Community Centre are hosting a games morning on Tuesday 27th November. Phone Places are limited to 30 participants so please book early. Our Lady and St. Guest soloists Miriam. Christopher Ridgway, curator at Castle Howard, will be speaking about the stately English country house in North Yorkshire whose construction began in , and has, for more than years, been the private residence of the descendants of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk.

Among the treasures of Castle Howard that Dr. Ridgway will speak about is the Morpeth Roll, a unique document, more than 1, feet long, comprised of pieces of paper containing the signatures of over , people across Ireland in The Morpeth Roll is a genealogical gem that contains information that predates the Great Famine and substitutes for Irish censuses lost to the civil war.

I often wondered what it would be like on top of the world and last week I eventually found out. I was in Switzerland with Noreen for a few days visiting our grandson Daniel who is working over there in some hi tech job that pays loads of money. Good for him!! We flew into Zurich airport and headed south to Biel where we had a lovely pent house flat for the duration.

It has kept all the wonderful architecture and replicated it in the most recent buildings so that they fit in seamlessly with what is already there. You can get a sense of history just walking along the streets especially those with the towers that house clocks that not only tell the time but also the day of the week, month and astrological signs and all this without a wire or a battery.

I was also impressed by the cleanliness of the place and the way they live. Public transport is everywhere with streets full of electric buses and trams but also conventional buses which cuts down on the traffic and makes getting around very simple. Lucerne sits on the famous lake at the foot of the Alps and has to be seen to be appreciated.

The seats are angled so we were sitting as normal. I am not great at heights so it was a bit scary at first looking down sheer falls but I soon got used to it and I was spellbound by the majestic mountain face and the trees and vegetation as we climbed higher. Almost at the top there was a mountain goat grazing between huge boulders oblivious to the staring crowds.

How do they live and survive so high up in such treacherous terrain? We reached the top and got out on a viewing platform and it literally took the breath away, firstly with the shock of the cold weather and then with the scenery that could be seen on all sides. I wonder what it would be like in winter. We were supposed to come down in a cable car but it was out of service on that day so we boarded our little train again and headed down.

The place has a beauty all of its own and we were so lucky with the weather. The next day we went to Berne which is the capital, another old city with marvellous views and great buildings. There are plenty of shops and cafes but they are expensive. Food is also very expensive but there is a great variety to suit every taste except bacon and cabbage. We went to where Daniel works in Solothurn to sample more of the country and again were suitably impressed. All in all it was a wonderful few days and we were lucky to have Daniel who stayed with us all the time as our personal guide — way to go!

We flew out with Aer Lingus, who charged an arm and a leg for everything so we were pleasantly surprised , coming home with Swiss Air, to be given breakfast free on board and a gift of Swiss chocolate to take away, and all at a cheaper price. I was annoyed twice on the way home. At the airport we were sitting at the gate waiting to board when a well dressed, middle-aged couple came up and sat on two of the three seats reserved for the disabled even though there were plenty vacant farther back.

Then, we did a bit of shopping on the way home at Super Valu in Abbeyfeale. I was sitting in the car when a Transit van drove into the parking lot, passed out several spaces and pulled up in the disabled space by the door.

Greystones: The Nightclub Years

Two heavy men got out and waddled into the shop to emerge some time later with a bunch of flowers each. Presentation Sisters and friends of Nano Nagle, all over the world, celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple on the 21st November each year. Nano Nagle wanted to help the poor she saw around her in Cork.

Determined to help to educate them, both to improve their lives and to deepen their faith, in spite of the dangers she faced because of the Penal Laws, she opened her first school in with an enrollment of thirty-five girls in a two-room cabin. Concert held at St Marys Church Listowel Nov in support of Day Care for Older People is a non-residential facility that supports the health, nutritional, social and daily living needs of the older adult in a professionally staffed group setting. It also offers caregivers a break from their duties while knowing their loved ones are being looked after.

It you want to help contact.

Visual Art: Hughie O'Donoghue 'The Road'

USA: President Trump, with the help of the Republican House and Senate, has an impressive list of accomplishments in 18 categories, culminating in the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It is also a meeting to get to know all the new people who have come to live in our community. We extend a special welcome to them to attend. Light refreshments served afterwards. All welcome and everyone from other areas are welcome to attend.

The witness will be given by Fr. Mossie Brick. Nora Gould Kilmorna; 4. Thomas Kissane, All Star bar Moyvane. Ita O'Connor Sr. Ita Convent of Mercy, Castletownbere, Co. Cork and formerly of Duagh, Co. Funeral Mass on Monday, November 12th, at 12 noon in St. Ann passed away on 12th November Loving wife of Mikey and cherished mother of P J and Gerald. Predeceased by her brother Martin. Will be sadly missed by her family, daughters in law Christina and Ciara, loving grandchildren Sean, Nathan, Emma, Saoirse and Fiadh, sister in law, brother in law, nieces, nephews, grandnieces grandnephew, relatives, neighbours and a large circle of friends.

Nora Moore, Kilmorna. If you wish to have their names called out and have them prayed for please give their names to Margaret Carmody. Tickets available from committee members. All of the groups are practicing hard and entertainment is guaranteed. Tickets are available, please contact Katie on They will be remembered in a special way throughout the month of November.

Donations to Sightsavers. Annual mass will take place on Thursday 22nd in the Centre at Certificate of Attendance is available to those that complete the full days training. Listowel Community Centre are hosting a games morning on Tuesday 27th November, Time: am — Noon light refreshment provided contact, Listowel Community Centre: Phone This workshop is aimed at providing participants with knowledge and skills to be able to use social media effectively for their community group.

Topics covered include; how to attract followers, engage audiences and developing an online communications policy. Registration is essential by contacting Damien Ahern at West Limerick Resources on or by emailing damien. New members welcome. Just drop in. Please submit to the parish office via email; fealechurch eircom. Well done to James Barrett and Tom Moore of Janus Design for creating a booklet to look back on the great memories of the club.

Ita's Hall on Thursdays from 2pm. New Member's Welcome. Any information required contact Mary Saturday, November 24 is the night and everyone is welcome. Let the Christmas season begin! Activities include Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops. Anne Maria for details. All are welcome. Templeglantine - Saturday 6pm and Sunday Cast from Tarbert area in County Kerry. A story of some traveller families. Please report any unknown death to add to list.

Knockanure - newtownsandess jimdo page!

Cahill Thomas F. S Army. Cronin Patrick J. Duagh, Age unknown, killed in France served with the U. From Lyons Family; My father had a first cousin who was killed in Flanders in His Number was and he served in the Royal Garrison Artillery. Now the funny thing is, Jim and his wife ,myself and Jim's son Maurice are going over to France next Friday to visit his grave. Casey J. Shanahan Martin. S army. Culhane Daniel J, Moyvane Age?? Extra information: Daniel J. Unit th Infantry Regiment, 78th Division. Entered Service From New York. Canavan James, Convent St.

Leinster ,. Enright Thomas Louis, Church St. Listowel, Age 29, Killed In Salonika ,. Godfery Christopher, Charles St. Listowel, Age 21, Killed In Egypt ,. Kitchener H. Lacy Edward, Listowel Connection , Age??? McAuliffe Michael, Church St. Listowel, Age 28, Killed In Salonika ,. S Army Machine Gun Corps. Cork Cregan Stephen, Tarbert, Age??? Culhane Daniel, Tarbert, Age??? Pattwell Michael, Tarbert, Age??? Beginning with Mass at 12noon for all the deceased associated with the Active Retirement over the years.

Followed by dinner and music with Stevie Donegan, contact the Centre on Mass at Numbers drawn were 3, 20, 22, Collins, Lisaniska; 2. Liam Dillon, Kilconlea, Abbey; 3. Peg Moloney, Tullahinell, Bally;. Mass Knockanure on 13 th at 7. Advent Retreat: Fr. AWARE: is currently recruiting volunteers. No prior qualifications or experience is required, as comprehensive training as well as ongoing support and education is provided by the organisation. More from Non-members welcome. Nano Nagle was born in and the Mass will commemorate her th Birthday.

Speakers from AA and Al-Anon. Come in and see what is available. A door prize of two tickets to the Late Late Show will be drawn at the Concert. Book at Please make a note of this date in your diary as we would like as many as possible of the members to attend this information meeting on the new pastoral Area Unit Plan - a follow on from the Synod process. The Pastoral Area Team members are also invited to this meeting. Tim Galvin about his work at the 12 noon Mass on Sunday, November A social get together in the Day Care Centre will follow. This will, in turn, be followed by the annual cake sale on Sunday, December 9 in St.

Many people choose to abstain from alcohol for the month of November and offer this prayerful act in honour of their deceased loved ones. Registration will take place at the Community Centre in Tarbert from 10am and the walk will commence at Everybody is welcome.

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For safety reasons, high visibility jackets and good comfortable footwear are recommended. All proceeds will be donated to our Parish Church Fund. Great opportunity to show off your baking skills and do bring along a homemade cake or two to share. All parish choir members are welcome to attend.

Fr Brian Kavanagh shares his personal testimony on his journeying from negativity to freedom and happiness as well as his studies on current ground-breaking research. It will also include reflective song and music by Deacon Thady O Connor. Starting 9. Teas and lunch will be provided. Field Names: The chapel field. The square meadow.

The garden field, Straph an Aifreann, The red meadow. There was a house in Timmy Buckley's meadow and Mr Garvey was the name of the man that was living in it. He lived the time of the famine. There was another house in our land belonging to Mary Kelly. There was a house near Dan Stack's house and Maura Feddemor and she was a fortune teller.

Old Ruins, Kilmorna. Nora Brosnan, Lacca East, of Kilmorna. It was an old burial-place. According to the old people engineers, who visited the place fifty years ago, said it was the second oldest Church yard registered in Rome. There was a blessed well in Jim Woulfe's field and one day they washed clothes in it and that night the well changed out to Tom O'Connor field which was two fields away.

People used go there on Sundays and especially Sundays of May. Some people used go there to get cured from some disease they had and they would leave a piece of cloth of the bushes round the well. There used also around the well three times to every rosary they would say. It is called Sundays Well. If you were to be cured at some wells you would see a fish. Gortdromasillahy, Co. Mary's well. The field is known as the Blessed well field. People from this parish and the surroundings go there to pay their rounds in May.

It is a kV high-voltage cable which is capable of transporting large quantities of electricity over long distances. There is already over kilometres of similar underground cable installed on the Irish electricity transmission grid. Flickr is under new ownership and that means new rules.

February 5, is the day that Flickr will officially begin the mass purge of photos. The company was purchased from Yahoo in April by SmugMug and it was inevitable that changes would have to be made. On Wednesday, the company announced that free users will now be limited to a total of 1, pictures.

Followed by dinner and music with Stevie Donegan. If attending please contact the Centre on The numbers drawn were 4, 13, 22, and From all at the club we would like to wish her the best of luck with her new fortune. Beloved brother of the late Tommy. Reposing Tuesday October 30th from 5pm to 7pm at his home.

Requiem Mass for David was celebrated by Fr. Kevin, assisted by Fr. Brendan on Wednesday in the Church of the Assumption, Moyvane. Mass Moyvane: Tue. A special memorial candle will be given to families of the aforementioned. Knockanure Mass will be on Monday 19th November at 7. Brendan Duggan in Athea Church recently. Tickets are available in the Parish Office. Council under the Community Enhancement Programme This money will be used to purchase equipment for the kitchen in the Marian Hall and to carry out repairs to storage cupboards.

Thurs 8th Nov 8pm. Practical skills to promote self-care and wellbeing. Sat 10th Nov 9. Tim Galvin is in the area at the moment, Abbeyfeale for Africa are having some fundraising events to help with his Mission in South Sudan. Then, as usual in early December, the annual cake sale takes place in St. We ask for your support and look forward to assisting Fr Tim with much needed funds as he returns to his parish in South Sudan. The Target Audience is General Public. No advance booking necessary. Free event all welcome.

All lessons one to one. Lessons are for two hours starting Wednesday 7th November from 1. For details contact Marie You can do likewise! Names of deceased parishioners will be called during the Ceremony. Names of relatives from outside the parish will also be accepted and should be submitted to the sacristy. You are invited to come to your local cemetery Sunday afternoon as we pray for our dead. A short prayer service lasting 10 minutes approx. Brian Kavanagh. November 17th from 9.

No experience is necessary for either position as full training will be provided. To see if you are eligible and if you would like to discuss this further please contact Jim O'Connor or Jackie Kissane on or email asdeeballycommunityproject gmail. A Marriage Enrichment Weekend offers married couples of all age ranges private time to rekindle the joy of their love. For info. It is hoped to explore how we, as a nation, can work together to take action on climate change. Ray also co-produced the film while his brother, Steve Fennelly, was the production designer.

Congratulations and well done to both of them. Book Tickets on It can come from surgery, pneumonia, chest infection, even a urinary tract infection. Symptoms include a high or low temperature, confusion, fast heartbeat, or failure to pass urine within a hour period. If anyone is showing these symptoms, you need to ask the question about sepsis and please, please get checked out immediately. Long ago there was a man living in Tarbert whose name was John Lysed. He was working with a farmers in that parish. The man whom he was working for was a Protestant, and he was a very good man.

John Lysed was very fond of drink and one day he went to a fair in Listowel with his master. They both went in to a public house and they started drinking. John Lysed had no money and he saw seven and six on the counter. He took the seven and six and he did not intend to pay it back. Soon afterwards the man died, and he was not long dead when the people of the place said he was seen. There was a priest at home from America that time and he heard the story. One night he was passing the way and he saw him. He then asked him what was his trouble. The man told him that he was doing penance for seven and six that he carried in Listowel.

The priest paid the money and the man was never seen after. Long ago tailors used to travel from house to house mending and making clothes, as the case may be. One may-Eve one of these little tailors put up for the night at a cottage near Duagh, wherein lived an old hag of a woman. After supper, the tailor turned in and slept like a Trojan till about 4 a-m.

He pricked his ears when he heard the old hag shuffling about in a room nearby, and before he knew what was happening, she issued from her room clad in a hideous black cloak which surely belonged, or came from his Satanic Majesty. She moved over to the settle-bed to make sure our friend was in Slumberland. Being sure of this, she started operations, she took a box of ointment from behind a rafter and signed herself with the left hand on the forehead. When she replaced the box She assumed the form of a hare and show a clear pair of heels out of the door.

The tailor at once made up his mind that she would have a companion this fine May morning. So going through the same ablutions he took the form of a hare and followed after his post. We looked after ourselves all week with the weather and knew that we have to be careful with the heat. Boys and Girls aged between years. Registration is Saturday 23rd June at 2pm. If you wish your child to participate in our Cul Camp, please come down and join us on the 23rd June.

Cul Camp Registration is now closed as of Monday 2nd July as all orders for gear had to be in by then. Again we had a record number of teams participating, the weather also was a factor as it was a great day to play a round of golf. This is a very worthy cause as the finance raised goes towards the upkeep of our club and facilities, and we were delighted with the turn out of businesses and individuals. Our main sponsor this year was Compu b and we are very grateful to them for sponsoring us and taking part in the fundraiser. We wish to thank Monkstown Golf Club again this year for the use of the golf course and the wonderful food provided to the teams.

The results of the Golf Classic are as follows: First: Fr. If there are monies still outstanding by teams we would ask that you make a big effort to pay these as soon as possible. We are pleased again to announce that because the day went so well, that we will be holding the next Golf Classic in so pencil into your diary! A very important day is approaching in our history, we are 75 years formed and we intend to hold celebrations on Saturday 23rd June next.

Firstly we will be starting our celebrations at the plaque on Redemption Road where a few words will be said on the history of our club. Our older underage players and the schools will march with their banners behind a pipe band to the Church of the Resurrection where we will meet with the smaller kids and march down to the club. Catherines, Ballygiblin, Na Piarsaigh and Grenagh will participate and the final will take place at approximately 2. We will have a stage with bands and singers, food vans, ice cream vans and face painting and bunting and the bar will be open where we will be able to sit down outside and listen to the music and enjoy the events that are happening.

We are asking people to spread the word and we would hope to see a lot of members, players etc. Any underage selector wishing to attend this course and improve their coaching skills please ring the office as soon as possible as places are limited. This is a very good opportunity for new members who are over Carrying a hamstring injury, he had been well bottled up by county colleague Chris Joyce for much of the game, but when a good Darren Crowley delivery landed near the endline on the right, Cahalane collected possession and turned Joyce before kicking across Alan Keating and into the net.

On a day of low scoring and challenging weather conditions, a five-point lead was huge, though Dayne Lee was close with a Piarsaigh chance in the immediate aftermath and, while the city side had three points in a row, from Kelvin Forde two and sub Gordon Joyce, Bandon never panicked. They were three ahead in injury time when Cahalane found Sugrue, who was able to run at the Piarsaigh defence, before firing home what proved to be the final puck.

Bandon never trailed and were to in front inside 10 minutes, despite early wides. Having been let off, Bandon set about pushing on again, with Pa Barry on target following a nice turn, while Ronan Crowley converted a free he had won himself after it was brought forward for dissent. Another from Guest was answered by a super Darren Crowley score in injury time and they were five in front when Sugrue got his second within five seconds of the second half starting.

They march on to round three, while Na Piarsaigh face Bride Rovers in round two. Referee: C McAllister Aghada. We have had a parent threatening a young referee. There are one-, two- and three-team groupings, with young referees appointed to take charge. While the scores are kept in a view towards grading from U12 up, there are no trophies or proper finals from U8 to U Games are scheduled for every Saturday for nine- to year-olds, apart from Bank Holiday weekends, while U8s are facilitated in blitzes.

We grown-ups should put development and fun first, results should be a lower priority. Crowley, a Killeagh native who previously worked as a GDA in Dublin and coached their successful minor teams, has been in the role covering Go Games for three years. Children look to you for guidance. Give them something positive to imitate. As our golf classic was a great hit both last year and the year before, we have decided to run it again this year and it takes place on the 1st June at Monkstown Golf Club. Again its a 3 person team costing e which includes a meal, also you can sponsor a tee box or green sign for 50e.

Feile na nGael will be hosted by the club on Saturday 21st April next. Feile starts at 11am and finals are down for 2pm we expect to see a big crowd on the day to support Mick and the lads. If we win on the day then we go on to play the semi finals on Friday 27th April. Well lads we qualified for the semi final of the Feile which takes place on Friday 27th April out in Togher and we are drawn against Bride Rovers at 6. We expect to see a big crowd attending. Our Fe15s are playing the semi final of the hurling championship on Wednesday 25th April next against Douglas in Douglas at 6.

Douglas are well fancied in this on nonetheless we would hope to see a big crowd there to support the lads. John now goes on to sing in the semi-finals in the near future. Good luck to everybody in the draw. Members and Patrons please be aware that Bingo this Thursday 1st March is cancelled due to the impending bad weather. It will resume as normal on Thursday 8th March.

Please pass on this information to family and friends. A fundraising quiz will take place Friday the 16th February at 9. Tables of 4 at 20e per table, the usual rules apply, we expect to see a big crowd at this fundraiser a good craic is expected and there will be a few spots, so get your team ready and we hope to see you tomorrow night.

So if you can sing, dance, play an instrument or tell a funny story, why not enter on the night. If you wish to take part please contact Neilus O Sullivan on Past winners from the Over 60's will attend on the night. Enjoy a great night of singing and dancing. This tournament started a couple of weeks ago and we would hope that it will grow and grow in the next couple of years.

The final of the hurling alleys tournament takes place tonight at 7. A presentation will take place in the Bar at 8. All are welcome.


Well the final took place and the winners of this annual trophy were Paul Cunningham and Jamie Curtin. We hope that next year there will be a lot more teams enter as this was a great success this year. See Gallery for photos of the night and the presentation. On Sunday last our annual christmas draw for the Juvenile Section took place in the Bar and the winners are as follows all prizes can be collected in the club. Panto Tickets - Louise Roche, Shanakiel 8.

We wish to thank everybody all committees, members, supporters who bought and sold tickets for us, sponsors who donated prizes to make this draw a success. A Hurler of the Year will be announced tomorrow from the 15 talented stick-men who made the cut here. Congratulations to our 3 boys who were awarded an all star. Well done lads. Very solid throughout the summer in between the posts and on puck-outs. He defended from the front, usually on the edge of the square, and his reading of the play was excellent.

The year-old had a breakout summer, with his clinical free-taking and eye for goal as he blasted to send Piarsaighs to the last four. Two 10 year premium tickets for Pairc Ui Chaoimh and e cash. Our annual christmas draw this year takes place in the bar on Sunday 17th December next at 9. The Juvenile Committee wish to thank everybody who has contributed a prize to our draw and a special thanks to Patricia Moynihan who again this year has put together 3 magnificant hampers.

Managers in the Juvenile Section are asked to send out a text to their players to return their tickets and money to the Arena. We will be selling tickets in Blackpool Shopping Centre on the 14th, 15th and 16th December next so anybody willing to give 2 hours please contact the above we would love to have your help on the dates outlined.

Well lads and lassies that time of the year is fast approaching again, our Annual Long Puc will take place on Thursday 28th December next at 12 o clock. Please tell all your friends, family, other clubs far and wide of this event. Food provided by the Ladies Committee after you finish the long puc, and a great night is guaranteed with music and spot prizes, so come one come all and put this date in your diary Thursday 28th December Just to let members know that our annual Senior AGM will be held on Sunday 3rd December next in the function hall at 2. The girls found it hard to put scores on the board and at half time they were behind by 6pt to 1pt.

The second half started off with a bit more aggression and belief by us as we were not going to lose a second year in a row, a life line came ten minutes into the second half when Erin McElhinney was fouled in an off the ball incident inside in the square by the Watergrasshill goalkeeper, the referee had no choice but to send the goalkeeper off and award a penalty to us, Amy Lee, goalkeeper was called up to take the penalty but it was saved.

We kept plugging away and put over another 2 pts from frees. Then in a very strange turn of events, with about 10 minutes to go we were awarded a free and the ball just dropped under the crossbar into the goal score then 6pt to 1. Time was nearly up and again a scramble in the Watergrasshill goalmouth resulted in another goal score Watergrasshill 6pt Na Piarsaigh 3.

Junior County Champions at last, the last time we won this event was in Next step Intermediate. We wish to congratulate all the girls and the mentors on this fabulous win, and to celebrate this win the girls Victory Dinner will be held on Friday 19th January in the Imperial Hotel, so if your interested in going to this event, then you should make contact with either Trisha Coleman, or Catherine Allen and book your tickets early as they are being bought up pretty quick.

The Sports Predictor which started at the start of the year and was greatly supported by members and supporters and businesses has finally come to an end, and we are very pleased to announce the winners for this year. A great effort was put into this by the Fundraising Committee and was a great success again second year running.

Our thanks to everyone who took place and congratulations to the winners. Fabulous prizes to be won including cash prizes of 20,e each month, with premium seat tickets for Pairc Ui Chaoimh and many more cash prizes. All for e. Log onto www. Blackrock absorbed the blow of a pair of amazing goals in the two minutes after the break by Cork minor Evan Sheehan on his introduction.

Both were taken at full tilt on the run, one from his right-hand side and the other his left, and gave Na Piarsaigh a to lead and significant momentum. Though Na Piarsaigh then grabbed two scores from Keith Buckley, his third from play, and a gem from Sheehan after he caught a long delivery, their attack completely misfired in the fourth quarter. It turned out to be the winner. Blackrock outscored Piarsaighs to from the 32 nd to the 64 th minute. Both teams squandered opportunities during the tense finale, with Christopher Joyce going closest to an equaliser.

The northsiders were left aggrieved by a few marginal calls from referee Joe Larkin, and perhaps with reason. Blackrock have room to improve and will need to in the county final on October Can their young players now complete the set of medals? Referee: Joe Larkin Ballinora. Having moved within an hour of the county final without too much fuss or attention, yesterday was the afternoon where they forced all-and-sundry to sit up and take notice.

When the draws were made for the quarter-finals of the Cork SHC, most observers, this reporter included, identified this side of the draw as the weaker half. Na Piarsaigh had just knocked out three-in-a-row chasing Glen Rovers and, so, were rightly looked upon as favourites to come through and reach the final.

Their quarter-final performance against Bandon reaffirmed this view. They did their homework on Na Piarsaigh and it showed in almost every line of the pitch. Padraig Guest, so influential for Na Piarsaigh all season, was held to a point from play, while Dayne Lee was rendered scoreless.

Hindsight, of course, is a mighty tool, but perhaps the losing management ought to have shoved Joyce up to midfield in the second period, as there was simply no ball coming into his area. This, and the fairly savage hunger tabled yesterday, is what squeezed them into a first county final since With the Rockies in front by the minimum and the clock in the red, Na Piarsaigh were time and again bullied off possession. Dayne Lee got onto the ball around midfield only to be swallowed up by three green-and-gold hooped jerseys.

Anthony Dennehy was outnumbered two to one at the Blackrock End and was twice blocked down. The final quarter belonged to the winners. Indeed, save for two goals from Evan Sheehan in the opening two minutes, the second half was owned by the Rockies. Two minutes later, the teenager cut in from the North Stand side, shipping two heavy tackles, before burying the sliotar.

They were unable to kick on, however. A balanced effort this was from the winners; one defender, both midfielders, four starting forwards and two subs writing their names onto the scoresheet. Referee: J Larkin Douglas. On a personal note there were some terrible decisions given against us in relation to handpassing etc,. Also we wish Padraig Guest a speedy recovery after he had to go to the hospital after the game.

He suffered ligament damage to his shoulder and had to have stitches in his head. We wish Blackrock all the best in their County Final on the 22nd October. From a relegation playoff last September to only their second county semi-final since lifting the cup back in They just go out and play. You could actually take it that all four teams knew the whole thing was open. The lads let me alone the Tuesday night but on the Thursday I went up and played a bit of football, first time in about five years, and it was something different.

There are six teams now left in contention in what is a wide open battle for the Cork Senior Hurling Championship, with two quarter-final replays on the horizon next weekend. The performance of the weekend came from Piarsaighs, with the northsiders proving their win over Glen Rovers was no fluke, with an emphatic to dismissal of a fancied Bandon. Goals from Padraig Guest and Shane Forde, who threatened throughout up front along with Padraig Gould and Dayne Lee, saw them put up a serious total given the wild weather and the heavy pitch.

Ronan Crowley was Bandon's main threat and goalscorer, but apart from a brief period in a first half, they were outhurled. A free from young gun Padraig Guest when he was hauled back deep into injury time saw the northsiders over the line, but just as important was keeper Paul O'Sullivan denying Glen attacker Mark Dooley a goal a minute earlier. Dooley had another shot that whizzed over the bar in the latter stages, before Patrick Horgan tied matters with a trademark long-range free from his own half.

A draw looked likely at that stage, but referee Nathan Wall played beyond the six minutes of additional time announced, and Piarsaigh snatched the opportunity to reach a quarter-final against Bandon, with the winners of Blackrock-Newcestown awaiting in the semi-final. With the Glen's three in a row dream over, a new team will be in this year's decider on October Na Piarsaigh haven't been in a final since winning the county in , the Rockies' last appearance was a loss to Newtown in Anthony Dennehy, Eoin Moynihan, the Buckleys, Cian and Keith, and Dayne Lee were all on fire in the opening exchanges, though the Glen did what champions do and clawed their way back into contention.

Horgan came out to centre-forward and had a great tussle with Cork comrade Chris Joyce, landing two gems from play, though Joyce did force him to shoot from difficult angles after the break. Brian Moylan, Conor Dorris and Graham Callanan struck mighty points as the Glen chipped away at the to deficit, with Dorris eventually levelling. That Na Piarsaigh still found a way to win will give them great heart going into the last eight, but they won't underestimate Bandon.

Our senior hurlers are out in the quarter final of their championship on Saturday 23rd Sept. We expect a big crowd to attend and your support for the lads and the mentors would be very much appreciated. Teams taking part are Ballygunner Waterford, Toomevarra Tipperary, Na Piarsaigh Limerick, Valley Rovers Cork and ouselves in what should be a great day of hurling, we would hope to see a lot of support for this tournament. Congratulations to all who took part in the Pat Kelleher Tournament, to the travelling teams, supporters a big thank you.

To the Kelleher Family we thank you and hope you enjoyed the day especially as Na Piarsaigh won the cup and Scott Kelleher grandson of Pat Kelleher was captain and accepted the cup. Welll done to everyone who helped out in the kitchen the Ladies Committee, our own committee and Brian and all those who helped around the place, to make this tournament a great success as usual.

For any former Cork hurler to describe Chris Joyce in those terms is serious praise indeed but coming from one of the most dedicated of all time, makes it particularly special. To survive at that level you must get the balance right. The former Rebel number seven says Joyce was flagged up from his teens as a future Cork player. He is from good pedigree with the boxing and it shows. Everyone looks up to him. In the modern era, the Na Piarsaigh crew with Cork have certainly married those two traits.

Now Chris Joyce is hurling up a storm. Joyce is in the form of his life but he has three rivals for the accolade of the most acclaimed hurler in the club at the moment. Connery was majestic in midfield in all four of their games, Sheehan stitched a goal with a last-gasp free to draw with Tipp, Hanifin struck in the replay against the Premier, and then Sheehan was MVP after his two goals in the Munster final. Up in the club this trio were flagged up as rising stars from a young age. He was always practising his frees. Hours and years of practise.

Craig Hanafin was also a very fine hurler as a youngster, before taking off in his mid-teens. He evolved from a midfielder, partnering Sheehan at U14 level, to a puck-out option and playmaker on the wing. The Connery name is especially storied on the northside.

He was a butcher and his son Liam still runs the family business. He was always holding a hurley when he was two or three years of age. Christy was very stylish but a corner-back, Daire is the same that way. He can mix it. Expect more of the same this Sunday. The cheque presentation was for a staggering amount of 26, Norton they never had so much awareness or such a successful marathon in the history of the Scleroderma Charity. We had to mention Gary Sheehan who was the driving power on the committee to promote this illness and to his wife Karen who was in the background, and we would like to wish them all the best for the future.

Photographs can be seen on our Photo Gallery. The draw was made last evening for the next rounds of the premier intermediate football and intermediate hurling championships times and dates will follow. Premier Intermediate Football Championship Draw. Round 3. A Macroom v St Vincent. B Eire Og v Na Piarsaigh. C Castletownbere v Bandon. D Fermoy v Ballingeary. Mallow v D. Bantry Blues v C.

St Michaels v B. Newmarket v A. Intermediate Hurling Championship Draw. Round 4. A Midleton v Na Piarsaigh. C Blackrock v Douglas. D Kildorrery v Aghada. E Eire Og v Glen Rovers. Kilbrittain v Ballincollig. Mayfield v C. WHEN Chris Joyce was growing up on the northside there was no position he wanted to play more than wing-back.

As a Na Piarsaigh tyro that was more than understandable. Picture: Richard Mills. That's been a problem with Piarsaigh. Every player growing up, besides this year's minors, have been defenders. And that is because they were watching the boys growing up. It is great to see the lads on the minor team this year are forwards. Our whole half-back line played on the Cork team at U14, U15 and U We were there at minor too. Pa O'Rourke, the year before us, was centre-back for the Cork minors. You had Eoin Moynihan.

Everyone wanted to be a defender. My half-back line was Keith Buckley and Adam Dennehy. They were the ones we were watching. You have around wing-backs running around Piarsaigh, all different ages, and they trying to get into the senior panel. I went at centre-back once and it stuck from there. I went in and out of there. Once I'm in the half-back line, I'm confident in myself. At the end of the day, I want to play. You are playing wing-back and you know exactly what that role is. You've more confidence in it. It's good to have that consistency of playing in the same position.

We're trying to play our game, whereas, in the past, we would have focused on other teams.

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We are solely focused on ourselves. That is the best thing possible for us and for Cork hurling. We are just trying to get belief in our game-plan and after two wins, you do start to get a bit of belief. Cork, perhaps with the injection of youth, have appeared fitter and faster than in and , but Joyce feels their touch and tactical approach has improved too. Our belief to give that 20 or yard pass, in the past we would have just milled it down the pitch. That's the easy option. To have the confidence to give that shorter pass, that's the way we have trained. I don't think any player is going to get given out to this year for making a mistake if they are trying to do the right thing.

For the first time there is genuine stability in the defence, which have stayed the same since the start of the league when Killian Burke and David Griffin filled in for the injured Damian Cahalane and Stephen McDonnell. In the past, we would have changed game plans for different teams. Since the Munster league, we've tried to stick to our system.

The more you play it, the more confident you get. I think every player knows what their role is in any individual position. It just gives you belief going into that position you know what you are expected to do. Munster MHC final. T he young Rebels, 12 years ago, had 11 points to spare against Limerick but were caught cold by Galway at the All-Ireland semi-final. Cork were excellent as they dismissed Clare by 17 points, claiming a 33rd title in this grade. And it was clear that two titanic semi-final clashes with Tipperary had stood to his young stars. The energy and confidence derived from that victory spilled over into Thurles six days on, as Evan Sheehan poached and walked away with the man-of-the-match award.

Sheehan grabbed the headlines with his scoring haul, and he netted in the 17th and 21st minutes to help propel Cork into a to interval lead. His first goal was knocked home on the rebound, after Clare goalkeeper Eamon Foudy had pulled off an excellent save, but his second was a picture-book effort. Sheehan danced across the 20m line, flicking the ball impudently over the head of a Clare defender before collecting it on the way down. Cork march on to an All- Ireland semi-final on August 13, as Clare lick their wounds ahead of the quarter-finals.

Subs: B Murphy for Lenihan h. Subs: K McDermott for Brack h. You need the steel to go with the silky touches and that was crucial with the win up for grabs. Certainly this is a group of young guns with the ability, self-belief and team-work to deliver. Their excellence in that regard is a testament to the coaching work of John Dwyer, alongside selectors John Mortell, Liam Martin, Fergus Ryan and Stephen Casey strength and conditioning. There was always talent available, as the on-the-age hurlers won All-Ireland tournaments at U14, U15 and U16, but minor is a significant step up.

The two first-half goals were brilliantly worked, towering wing-forward Hanifin scoring one and assisting the other, with Evan Sheehan also contributing. Hanifin was out of sorts in the drawn encounter but chipped in with here, while his Na Piarsaigh comrade Connery, still U17, was simply majestic in midfield, clipping over from play. Cork came from to behind early to lead to , all the scores from the hurleys of northsiders Sheehan, Hanifin and Connery. The management shrewdly rejigged the line-up from last week, with Diarmuid Linehan as an auxiliary wing-forward and Ger Millerick now at midfield, snapping up a pile of breaks.

James Keating used his bulk tellingly at the edge of the square and Ger Collins went more direct with his puck-outs, targeting Hanifin and Robert Downey. If we felt Cork hurling was back after Tipp and Waterford were seen off, then this confirmed it. Leesiders can now look forward to a Munster final double header from 2pm on Sunday, while the U17s already landed provincial honours and the U21s face Waterford away in the semi-final on Thursday week.

The official attendance was 8, but it felt like more as the crowd filtered in from well before the 7. On Wednesday night last the draw for the minor, fe16 and fe14 championships were made. Michaels 17th September tbc Further dates will be available as the teams progress. Provincial and All-Ireland champions Tipperary looked set for victory as they held a three-point lead deep in stoppage time — before Sheehan struck.

In the second half of normal time, Cork came from six points down to level in the fourth minute of stoppage time, Robert Downey on target. Tipp then looked to have won it when Jake Morris pointed, but that man Downey responded again as the sides finished level at to , Ray McCormack on target with the first half goal for the hosts. Darragh Woods hit in extra-time for Tipp, the reigning provincial and All-Ireland champions, but Cork had a late kick in them.

It was a quite enthralling encounter and while Sheehan had so much to do as he faced five Tipp players on the line, it was perhaps inevitable that he would find the net at the Killinan End. Cork had excellent contributions on the night from Brian Turnbull and Daire Connery, as the pair contributed between them. Cork had played some good stuff in that first half, Turnbull particularly dangerous and causing problems for more than one marker. With less than ten minutes on the watch, Cork led by to , before Tipp full forward McKelvey flashed a goal chance across the face of goal and wide.

But with Turnbull threatening almost every time the ball came his way, Cork had the edge and were three points up, to , by the 18th minute. The visitors would not score again until stoppage time, however, and Tipp hit without reply. Cadell added a point and Tipp had turned the game around, leading by to , but Daire Connery added a point for Cork to keep them in touch at the interval.

The second half promised much and really delivered — but there was even better to come later. Well its that time of the year again when our Cul Camp takes place. This year its on, on the 11th, 12th and 14th July from 10am-2pm. Registration takes place this Friday 30th June between 6pm-8pm in the back hall. There is a new format this year, the gear MUST be paid up front in full before the order goes in on Tuesday 4th July, gear will then be given out on Friday 7th July.

Prices are as follows: For 1st child 40e - 2nd child 35e - 3rd child 30e. Ages are Boys: yrs - Girls yrs. For more information contact Catherine Allen on or Thomas Gardiner on All the lads parents went by cars. Our first stop was Danesfort in Kilkenny where we had 2 games to play, the first against Danesfort the score being 4. Mayo and this team were a different kettle of fish, very physical and hard hitters but came out on top with a score of 1.

We then went on to our host club Piltown GAA where the lads were put up in their houses. Some of our supporters then went camping in Piltown, some ended up in Waterford City. Saturday 17th June our third group game was against the host club Piltown where the final score there was 3.

We now found ourselves in the quarter final of the Cup and had to travel all the way to Ferns in Wexford for this game to the Wexford GAA School of Excellence and what a set up. We played Rathnure and easily disposed of them on a score of 4. We then all travelled back to Piltown GAA where the club put on a spectacular night for us by giving a bbq and music and a presentation, we returned a presentation to them for looking after our lads.

We couldnt say enough about Piltown they were so good to us and looked after everyone. Very, very nice people. On the Sunday the 18th we had to travel back down to Ferns to play a semi final against Eire Og of Clare the games from hereon in started to get more intense and we had to play out of our skins, but in fair to the lads they picked up the pace, heat and all, and beat Eire Og on a score of 1. Next up was the final against a very fancied St. Vincents side we found ourselves down by 4 points at one stage, but battled away and took our points then we got a goal and it was all level with about 4 minutes left, we got a penalty and it was blasted to the back of the net thus we were leading 2.

We would like to thank all the parents who played their part not only for the weekend, but also for the spots they gave for the quiz fundraiser they were absolutely outstanding, thank you. For their win we are one of four teams who have been honoured with the monthly awards for June with Rebel Og on Monday. Photos of the weekend are up on our Gallery for everyone to look at. Well done to everybody who took part, great credit is due to you all. A great day and a great night took place back in the club where food was provided for runners, members and customers followed by music and spot prizes.

Runners are now asked to return their cards as soon as possible. Photos of our runners can be seen on our Photo Gallery column. The Fundraising Committee will be in the club on Sunday 2nd July At any other time cards can be given to bar staff member with your name and amount raised. There was a lot of disappointment after last year, losing their first two fixtures.

They ended up defeating, Newcestown in a relegation play-off. They got nothing easy from Newtownshandrum, but they pulled away in stoppage time to record an important two-point victory. Last year we gave youth a chance and we let ourselves down. We didn't let ourselves down too much, we only lost by a puck of a ball. But that is the difference this year. The young lads have matured a bit. Last year we lost to Douglas by a goal, it was a draw with a few minutes to go. It was the same against Ballymartle, we got caught at the end. Today we are the ones pulling away.

It fells an awful lot better being on the other side of it. We needed a tough game. That is exactly what you get off Newtownshandrum. They are a great club, and have good players. But our fellas dug deep there at the end, especially our captain Eoin Moynihan. They took the belts and they took the punishment. They got some excellent scores. Even some of our older fellas like Padraig Gould at the end putting one over the bar. Of all the senior hurling games last weekend, this one was hard to call as both were capable of victory.

As it turned out, the teams were level 12 times. Nobody could pick a winner. It is good for Cork hurling. Last week created a bit of a buzz Cork defeating Tipperary. We have a lot of people here today, more than maybe both of our matches combined last year. If a game is that open, people will come out and watch it and to see fellas giving it their all for their clubs. We played Midleton a few weeks ago and we scored So we would be happy about that. Next up for Na Piarsaigh is Carbery. The divisional side caused a surprise against Avondhu. They scored But what we needed today was the win, and a bit of momentum.

If we can win the next day, it sets us up for a good year, but we are under no illusions. We would also be hoping to have Craig Hanifin and Evan Sheehan coming back into the panel. They are both Cork minors but we didn't include them today as they are preparing to do their Leaving Cert. Captains are to collect the gear in the City Hall on Thursday 1st June between 4pm and 7. The qualifying rounds of the Feile Hurling this year will be hosted by the club on Saturday 20th May next at 11am.

Yours support please would be appreciate. Well lads we have qualified for the semi finals of the Feile Hurling which take place on Wednesday 24th May in Mayfield at 7pm. Our opponents are Carrigtwohill, your support please for the kids. On Wednesday night the 24th in Mayfield, our feile hurlers played a very tight game against a very good Carrigtwohill side, these sides were evenly matched the final score being Na Piarsaigh 1. We then went on to play Sliabh Rua in the final, we having been beaten a couple of weeks ago by them in the league. Our host club is Piltown and we would love to see a great following of support.

The matches start on Friday 16th June at 5pm and our second one at 6pm in Danesfort. We then play on Saturday 17th at The Juvenile Section are holding a fundraising quiz on Friday 9th June at 9pm to raise the much needed funds for the fe14 team to travel to Kilkenny on the 16th June, all members and parents are asked to support this quiz and to bring a spot prize if you can.

There is a lot of travelling this year, in that we have to hire a bus for the weekend. So your support please. The best of luck boys and your support for the lads would be great. Well everything went right for the lads on last Tuesday and Wednesday night. Blake Murphy scored an impressive 2. Daire Connery scored 3pts from frees, Craig Hanifin scored 3pt and Evan Sheehan scored 2pts all from play. Well done to everyone. Annual Golf Classic The Golf Classic is for the development of club facilities which will benefit both the underage and adult teams in our club. There are three ways in which you can support this event:.

Or you may be in a position to sponsor a team prize We hope you can look favourably on this event and support us in any way you can. You may contact any of the following people to sponsor this event:. Please book early to avoid disappointment as a big number of teams are expected. A concussion is a brain injury that is associated with a temporary loss of brain function. The injury must be taken seriously to protect the long term welfare of all players.

A concussion is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. Some symptoms develop immediately while other symptoms may appear gradually over time. Repeat concussions can increase the time it takes to recover and in rare cases, repeat concussions in young players can result in brain swelling or permanent damage to their brain.

They can even be fatal. Players often feel tired and may experience difficulties at work or school when carrying at task which require concentration. You may also encounter mood difficulties and feel depressed, anxious or irritable with family or team mates.

Support should be provided to players during this recovery period. Prescribed Medications When dealing with persistent symptoms, it is essential that you only take medications prescribed by your doctor. Patience Recovery form concussion should not be rushed nor pressure applied to players to resume playing until recovery is complete. The risk of re injury is high and may lead to recurrent concussion injuries which can cause long term damage.

There should be an initial period of two weeks rest for players aged 5 to 18 after a concussion. RTP Protocols following concussion follow a stepwise approach. You should continue to proceed to the next level if no symptoms persist at the current level. Generally each step should take 24 hours so you would take approximately one week to proceed to full rehabilitation once you have no symptoms at rest. If any post-concussion symptoms occur while in the RTP program, you should drop back to the previous asymptomatic level and try to progress again after a further 24 hours period of rest has passed.

Clearance from a medical doctor is required prior to return to full contact sports. No Contact Training Drills Progress to more complex training drills - passing drills, progressive resistance training 5. Full Contact Practice Following medical clearance, participate in normal training activities. Exercise, coordination and cognitive load 6. Finbarrs Grounds, Togher. Teams in our group consist on St. Our first game is at 11am against the host team St. Finbarrs on Pitch 1. We have a bye in second game, third game is against Carbery Rangers at Your support please for the mentors and the lads.

Good luck to everyone. We are very grateful to them for their continued support to the Juvenile Section and we would encourage all our underage players to open credit union accounts, if they have not already done so to save for their future. Here's a message for all our members and supporters from our sponsors. If you are interested and want a good deal, why not call on and give them your support.

Gerard Lane thanked Red FM for their continued sponsorship and said the Board were very happy to continue their very successful association with RedFM, a partnership that had helped to grow the status of the league and at the same time promote a very successful radio station that has continued to increase its market share in the cork area. Diarmuid O Leary of REF FM replied that they were very happy with the alliance and felt it was benefiting their business and that they were looking forward to another successful League in Hurling, football, soccer, basketball and beyond sporting circles, northsiders are never afraid of a challenge.

Picture: Larry Cummins. Na Piarsaigh have rallied behind club talisman Gary Sheehan — one of their greatest ever footballers and a midfield powerhouse in the mid noughties when they could compete with the best — and his wife Karen in a fundraising drive for scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease which affects just in Ireland. Karen Sheehan was diagnosed with scleroderma three years ago, but, as Gary explains, their primary aim in the coming months is to raise awareness and money to help research the ailment, for which there is no known cure.

Our aim is to raise awareness and funds to help research for the disease. Dr Norton visited Na Piarsaigh last month. My own friends have been incredible too. Everyone got straight back onto me when I sent out the text. It also brings a connection to the club, all the committees, the young and the older members. It might be rare but it has a devastating impact on the lives of sufferers.

Very little is known about scleroderma, which is believed to be stress related though possibly linked into the genes. More cases are being diagnosed annually, with the World Health Organisation taking on increasing interest. Kate Arnott-Flynn, with razor-sharp self-deprecating wit, summed up how it has affected her. The body produces too much collagen. My arms were like two sticks. I ended up shuffling, my husband had to do everything for me. It was horrific. For me chemotherapy got me going again. She is so passionate you get an extra drive yourself.

On March 25 in Na Piarsaigh, the club are hosting all those who will take to the roads of Cork for the marathon. Even though she was absent for this photoshoot, Karen Sheehan has an army supporting her. As the Sports Predictor was such a great success last year the Fundraising Committee have decided to run it again this year. Simply predict who you think will win the 36 sporting events chosen by them. The closing date for your replies is the 10th March as the first event is happening on the 14th March. All proceeds will go towards the Hurling Alley Development Fund.

Members, supporters, players are asked to make another big effort for this cause. Members of the Fundraising Committee will be in the club to facilitate the return of the predictor cards this weekend. Friday 10th 7. Please make a big effort to push for the return of the predictor cards from players etc.. We would like to thank Farranree Credit Union for their sponsorship and to all the singers who took part on the night and we wish Noreen all the best of luck in the semi finals in May.

We wish to thank the hotel, Rebel Og, the Senior Committee, the players and mentors and the parents for making this event very memorable and enjoyable. For photos of this event have a look at our photo gallery. Everybody enjoyed themselves, now its down to brass tacks and try and get to another county final this year! A photograph of the team can be seen on our photo gallery. If anybody is interested please contact either Alan Daly or Jim Hanifin. This year the Competition is sponsored by Farranree Credit Union and prizes will be made on the night.

Membership now for is due and there is a change to last year as follows. Contact either Alan Daly on or Brenda on to book same. Alan will be in the club on Friday next the 6th from 7. Celebrate Womans Little Christmas in the Bar on friday night with a dj playing all your favourite songs. Premier Intermediate Football Championship. On behalf of the Juvenile Committee we wish to thank sincerely all the members, players supporters who bought and sold christmas tickets, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who donated prizes without them the draw would not have been a huge success.

We would like to thank Dunnes Stores for allowing us to sell our tickets over the weekend. And lastly we would like to thank Trisha Moynihan for preparing all of our christmas hampers. The following are the winners and all prizes, if not already collected can be collected on Wednesday night in the Bar. Delea 2nd No.

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  • Be safe! Just a reminder that our Long Puc takes place on Wednesday 28th December weather permitting. The results of the Sports Predictor Competition are now in and all results are up on the notice board, so if you want to see where you came in the list look at the notice board. Our congratulations to the winners. Prizes will be given out on Sunday 18th December at 9pm in the Bar. We wish to sincerely thank everybody who took part in this competition, and hopefully the Fundraising Committee will run another Sports Predictor for Watch this space.

    Again well done to everybody involved.

    You can see the winners accepting their prizes in our Photo Gallery. Our minor agm now takes place on Monday 9th January at 7. Please note the change of date. Get your teams ready hopefully the weather will be kinder to us than last year. A great day and night is guaranteed with soup and sandwiches after the long puc and dj in the evening and spot prizes. Rules the same as previous years. Hope to see ye all. Shop Pricelist. The club shop opens every Saturday from 12 o clock to 2pm. If you can't make it on Saturday then contact Peter Bell on for enquiries and orders.

    Enquiries from Peter Bell Our club lotto has now reached a staggering 15,e for Thursday 5th January. So for just 2e you could be in with a chance to win it, just play online on locallotto. Victory Dinner Dance Our Victory Dinner will take place on the 20th January at Clayton Silver Springs Hotel to celebrate our minor double in both championship and league and also our win in the division 4 football league final.

    Numbers are now being taken for tickets. Closer to the date Tickets can be bought from Alan Daly or from the Office Brenda , they are 35e each and a great night is guaranteed. We have a band and a dj booked, so get booking your tickets. The last couple of weeks have been very good to us on the playing field. On the 5th November last our intermediate footballers played the Division 4 football league final against a very fancied Bandon side in Kilmurray on a bitter evening. You might well say "Sean Og!! Back to the game this was point for point and very close at that with an amount of goals, Na Piarsaigh coming out the best with regard to the goals.

    The final score Na Piarsaigh 5. Well done lads some silverware to finish the year. Then on Sunday last the 13th November our Premier Minors played the final of the league against old rivals Sars in a repeat of the minor semi-final of the championship, this was always going to be a tough game and could have gone either way in the end, but great credit to our lads who went all out to try and win the double, and we did, on a score of 2.

    Again well done to the lads and the mentors. Also we have a Victory Dinner to celebrate our wins on the 20th January at Clayton Silver Springs Hotel, tickets are in the process of being printed cost is 35E and can be ordered from either Alan Daly or the Office Brenda so get in early with your order as there are a limited number. The 1st Prize for September is 25,e. The 1st Prize for October is an Octavia Car worth 22, There are 12 monthly draws including 2 free draws and if you want to join the draw please log onto www. Your support please for the draw because every member that joins a contribution comes back to support the Club.

    The annual christmas draw is up and running. Members will be posted 4 books of tickets totalling 20e and we would ask members to please try and sell all 4 books and return the stubs and money to the Committee. All our teams will also get books of tickets to sell and our prizes this year are looking good. Tickets cost 2e each or a book of 3 for 5e and same can be bought in the bar, arena or from any committeee member. Herewith are a list of the prizes on offer. Hamper plus e 2. Hamper plus 75e 3. Hamper plus 50e 4. Prize of e 5. Drinks Hamper 6.

    Special Prize The Loft 7. Pantomime Tickets Cork Opera House 8. Prize of 50e member 9. Prize of 50e member Six bottles of wine member Plus a load of spots on the night of the draw which will be Sunday 18th December at 9. All members are asked to attend. This time, though, history would not be repeated, as a to victory was achieved.

    Na Piarsaigh captain Kyle Power makes no bones about the significance of beating Sars. They knew what they were doing from the start and it all went to plan. And, with 10 of the team minor again next year, the plan could be largely the same. The heavy pitch and driving rain, as well as the threat of a Piarsaighs forward unit spearheaded by Evan Sheehan, left the Imokilly side exposed, though it must be said two of the five goals could be attributed somewhat to the weather.

    Picture: Dan Linehan. Still, the chances were there to be taken, with Daniel McGuire and Sheehan rattling in two apiece, and Patrick Buckley pouncing for the other. The goals were still critical of course. Piarsaigh made a lightning start, to no score ahead after six minutes, with Sheehan threatening to run riot and McGuire gambling for a neat goal. Hanifin put in a great shift at wing-forward, finishing with and assists for two goals, and his aerial ability is a real plus. Expect him and Sheehan to lead the line for the Cork minors in , and both would have been worthy of the Man of the Match accolade here.

    Sheehan finished out what was still a decent encounter with the last , and like his first, the goal was arrowed in with uncanny power and accuracy, on the run.