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Claire is the main character in this book. She is a likeable character who is in her late thirties and has found her life has been jolted somewhat when she comes across a list she had wrote back in her teens with h Linda Green's new book Things I wished I'd Known has recently been released in paperback. She is a likeable character who is in her late thirties and has found her life has been jolted somewhat when she comes across a list she had wrote back in her teens with her best friend Frankie. The list the girls decided to make was about what they thought they would be doing in 20years time.

When Claire comes across the list, her troubled past is thrown back in her face and she realises how different her life has become from what she expected it to be. She was convinced she would be married to her teenage idol, Andy Pailes, United football player.

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Now is the time for Claire to decide what she is going to do with her life as options of new employment, and a chance to take her current relationship further arises. The way in which the book is written is each chapter in the book changes to past and then to present. We get to see Claire in her day to day life as a teenager as we are introduced to her best friend Frankie who Claire goes to watch football with so she can see the man she is convinced she loves, Andy Pailes.

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Did Claire capture Andy's eye? Back in the present we see Claire in a relationship with the lovely Mark who would like for them to take their relationship to the next level and move in together but Claire is not sure if it is what she wants or if she is ready for this after she comes across the list. Problem is Mark also finds the list and feels this is what is holding their relationship back so he manages to get Andy Pailes address and suggests Claire goes to see him so she can finally move on with her life may it be with him or Andy.

I found the way the book was wrote was quite hard to get into at the start of the book with the story keep jumping back and forward in Claire's life. I didn't truly get into the flow of the book and start to enjoy it until I got about half way through which is when the story seemed to pick up its pace. I warmed to all of the characters other than Andy who is the one who caused the troubled past for Claire. The Character Frankie was one of my favourites in this book.

We see her in the teenage years with Claire and she also makes a reappearance later in the book when Claire's past comes up. She had changed so much from her teenage years and was nothing like you expected her to turn out like. She seemed like a friend every girl would want. After reading this book it has made me want to try another of her books as although it was a slow start once you wee half way through the story seemed to envelope you and make you want to read more.

I would advise anyone who is going to read this book to bare with the structure of the book as by the time you get to chapter 6 you seem to get used to jumping back and forward in Claire's life. In my opinion the chapters which go back in time to , Claire's teenage years were the best parts of the book as it was not predictable and kept you wanting more, were as her present day chapters seem to drag on and start to bore you I found myself in a few places skipping a paragraph as it was so dull.

The present part of her life improved when Frankie re-entered her life. I personally didn't see the need for the amount of information given to the cases in which Claire worked I didn't feel this was necessary for the book. This book was abandoned on our staff room table with a sign "free books, please take one," so I didn't expect much! For the first half of the book, I was forcing myself to read, but by the end of the book it was a real page-turner. The story revolves around Claire, and twenty years later she discovers a dream list she wrote when she was 15 years old, and of course, her life hasn't exactly panned out well.

For a start she's not married to footballer Andy Pailes! The book has a dual voice, 15 year This book was abandoned on our staff room table with a sign "free books, please take one," so I didn't expect much! The book has a dual voice, 15 year old Claire, and currently Claire, and the way they are intertwined leaves lots of cliff-hangers, the best ones, towards the end of the book! Somehow I wish every 15 year old could read a book like this. But then again, I think the younger generation are a bit more savvy than Claire.

It was a good read, and a nice way to fill the gaps over two days, but sadly it wont be joining Wuthering Heights and The Handmaid's Tale on my shelf, but I will put it back on the staff room table for someone else to enjoy.

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Feb 28, Rose rated it liked it. I read this book a long time ago, but I remember enjoying it. Oct 07, Faye Mussett rated it really liked it. Most of us had an idol growing up, but would our perception of them and the reality be the same? Claire is a teenager obsessed with a football player, but when she meets him, things don't turn out the way she planned. When she finds a note from her teenage self, it sets her on a path of discovery, and she soon meets with her ex-best friend and her old idol himself.

Overall, the bo Most of us had an idol growing up, but would our perception of them and the reality be the same? Overall, the book had great pacing. A good mix between the here and now and the past. Although the teenage Claire frustrated me, I found myself wanting the adult Claire to be happy, and the ending was just what I'd hoped for. Aug 18, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: didn-t-finish-borrowed-or-no-longer. Another sound read by Linda Green You can't really go wrong with a book by Linda Green, but I have to say that I didn't enjoy this as much as the other ones I've read.

I became a little confused during the reflection period where I was not entirely certain that these things had actually happened to Claire. A little predictable in some sections of the book, but overall a worthwhile read. Mildly entertaining Teenage crushes captured well, but Mark, who we barely get to know, seems to be the only truly likeable character. Claire, I found, was an unlikeable and unsympathetic character wishing people dead in terrorist bombings- comes on! Poorly developed subplots her parents, Frankie etc Passed an afternoon but the reviews wildly overrated this book.

This author is now one of my favourites. She has the ability to take me back to my teenage years. She described exactly how I felt when I was in love with someone famous and was determined to marry him. It never happened and I didn't make the mess of my life like the girl in the story, but what memories it brought back. Superb writing. Good read Kept me intrigued to the end a good book you can't put down with a happy ending worth a read.

Good book Really good read. You wanted her to make the right choice. So had to read right to the end. Great author. Jan 20, Kelly Bond rated it really liked it. It was not the sort of book I usually read and was not what i expected but I enjoyed it once it got going and would reccommend it to anyone who fancies a break from crime and murder.

Beautifully written A dream story that will keep you enthralled until the last page. An absolute charming tale of desire and consequences. Loved it Read it in a few days it's a great easy read with characters that are easily to identify with! Loved it. First Linda green I've read Thought provoking insight of adolescent life. I look forward to more of her work. I would recommend this book unreservedly. Jan 20, Irene rated it liked it. It was OK A bit long and drawn out in parts.

Very true to life, I can remember the feelings well. Love Linda Green. Couldn't put it down Kept me enthralled all they way through. You never know where the story is going next Now going onto my next book by Linda. Page turningly Good Loved the characterisations plus the way it flicked between the present and past was seamless. Was an okay book, not in my opinion one of Linda Greens best. Found the story, of Claire's obsession with Andy a bit over the top, and not a big fan, of continually back tracking.

Apr 26, PrettyFlamingo rated it it was amazing. The title of this book reflects the feelings of most of my friends and myself, and the whole story takes us back to a time when we thought we knew exactly what we wanted, and knew everything there was to know. Thanks so much for making this app and making kids love books again!!! I'm a very busy mother of six- ranging from 16 years - 6 months!! Some of my most fond memories were from my bedtime story times- there's no greater feeling then being all snuggled in bed with your Mommy reading from your favorite book!!!!

Having so many rugrats I think it's safe to say "I've tried it all" Keep up the great work!!!! And thank you for helping me keep my kids interested in reading!!!!!! Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.

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The world of digital publishing for the Kindle and Nook and all the other ways completely confused me. So I ignored it. The problem is, the Kindle format is just exploding. Who knows how many sales I lost. Formatted wrong for digital. After doing the PDF, I learned you need very specific formatting in order for a book to transfer to Kindle and other popular ebook formats. Given that, I would have needed to get someone to reformat the whole thing and repaginate it, which sounded like a massive headache. So I just passed on the whole opportunity.

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