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Note that by delivering content using the title version field, parentheses and brackets will be applied by Apple automatically. Album Subtitle Formatting. Titles and subtitles should be separated by a colon. Soundtracks and scores must include version information in the album title, enclosed in parentheses or brackets. The abbreviation for Original Soundtrack O.

Scores for movies, TV, and musicals must list the composer on both the album and track levels. Composers with Primary Role. For Soundtracks with one composer, the artists should be credited with both the Composer and Primary role at the album level. Composers can be credited with the Primary role at track level for any appropriate track. If the tracks are not from the same soundtrack, the track title must indicate the soundtrack. Soundtrack Genre. For soundtracks, or ringtones from a soundtrack, use Soundtrack as the primary genre.

Crediting Artists with Featuring or With Roles. A featured artist should be given the Featuring or With role. Artists with the Featuring or With roles should not be marked Primary. Credit at Track Level. Featured artists who are given the Featuring or With role must be listed and identified at the track level. Note that if the Featuring or With artist role is used in the initial delivery, the featured artist name will automatically be added by iTunes to the album or track title.

At the track level, each song must be listed with the primary artist who performs it.

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The original artists whose songs are being remixed must be listed at the track level and identified as Primary. The original artists must not be listed at the album level. Nonperforming Presenting Artists. A nonperforming, presenting artist must only be named in the title and not credited as an album or track artist. If the presenting relationship does not apply to every track, the nonperforming presenting artist should be named only in the track titles.

Performing Presenting Artists. A performing presenting artist must be credited at the track level and identified as Primary. Duplicate Albums. If two albums or ringtones are true duplicates, one of them must be removed from the iTunes Store and Apple Music. To see how to differentiate between similar albums, see section 3. Original Artist Name in Artist Field. For karaoke, tribute, Japanese orgel, parody, cover albums, and ringtones, the name of the original artist must not be displayed in any artist field on the track level or the album level.

Karaoke must not be used as the artist name unless it is part of the legal entity name, such as The Karaoke Kangaroos or All Star Karaoke. Karaoke track titles can make reference to the original artist. You must use clarifying language to ensure that consumers will not think those artists are performing. Original Artist Name in Album Titles. The album title must not begin with the original artist name. Karaoke Version Information. Titles of karaoke albums and tracks must indicate that they are an instrumental or karaoke version.

Deceptive or Misleading. Titles and artist names must not be deceptive or misleading. Do not use genres, popular song lyrics, or the original artist names as the album title, track title, or artist for karaoke. Content that is considered deceptive or misleading will be removed from the iTunes Store and Apple Music. For example, the following is not accepted:. Albums containing Karaoke content must use Karaoke as the primary genre at the album and track level. This includes backing tracks, performance tracks, or any other type of content that could be identified as Karaoke.

Sound-a-likes, or cover versions or tribute songs that sound very similar to the original, aren't accepted. Recordings that include a similar name, title, or image of a popular artist in the content title or cover art may be hidden for editorial reasons. This content may not actually violate copyright law, but they cause customer confusion. DJ Mixes. A DJ mix album must not be delivered as a single audio file.

The album should be comprised of mixed tracks that sequentially make up the DJ Mix. Albums that are a collection of different tracks mixed together or compiled by a single DJ or artist must list the DJ or artist at album level and identify them as primary. Tracks that appear on DJ mixes or compilations should list the original artists as primary. Remix tracks should list the original artist as primary with the remixer assigned the remixer role.

Mixed tracks appearing on a DJ Mix must include the version title [Mixed] after all other version information. Version Information for collections of remixes. Albums that are a collection of remixes of the same track, must communicate this in the album title. To avoid identical track titles, the titles must include enough information about the remixes to differentiate them.

KK Ghazal in the Moonlight

Various Artists must not be a track-level artist. To ensure that accents and capitalizations appear correctly on the iTunes Store and Apple Music, the appropriate language must be set in the metadata. Nonstandard Capitalization. Titles must not be in all capitals, all lower case, or random casing. Abbreviation of Part and Volume. English Title Casing.

English titles must be in title case format and follow the casing conventions as outlined in Appendix 2: Title Case. Title casing is not required for content sold in Japan, as long as these titles are localized in Japanese. Spanish and Portuguese Casing. For Spanish and Portuguese titles, the content provider can decide on either title or sentence casing, as long as the casing is consistent throughout a given album. Capitalize the first word in parentheses or brackets. Words after a : should be lowercase, except for series and medleys. The following Spanish words should always be in lowercase if title casing is used, these are also the only words that should be lowercase :.

The following Portuguese words should always be in lowercase if title casing is used, these are also the only words that should be lowercase :. Sentence Casing. Titles should follow the casing conventions of the language it is in. Common language locales that must be in sentence-case format are Swedish, French, Italian, Scandinavian, and Eastern European Languages.

German Casing. German titles must use sentence case, and the first letter of every noun must be capitalized. Accents and Characters Required. Supported languages must include all accents. Do not use digraphs. Not every genre has a genre page in iTunes and the list may change at any time. Genre names are automatically translated for each iTunes Store or Apple Music territory. The first genre listed will be the primary genre and must be the best description for the content.

The secondary genre provides an additional search term that may help users find the content. A second genre is not required, but it should be used when applicable. Content will only chart in the first primary genre. Albums with Latin genres or the Korean Pop genre will chart in both the primary and secondary genres. Genre Specificity. Use the most specific primary genre that applies to your music, such as Pop in Spanish or Tropical, instead of more generic genres such as Latino or Pop.

For additional genre rules for Indian content, see section The original release date can differ from the sales start date. The sales start date is the date an album will be available for purchase in a given territory on the iTunes Store or on Apple Music.

Album and track release dates must be the original date when the album or track was first released, regardless of country, or whether it was released digitally versus physically. Note: The original release date for rerecords must be the first date the rerecord was available, and not the release date of the original recording. Additional versions of an album that are not rerecords for example, remastered, reissued, or bonus versions must still be given the original release date for the album and original tracks.

Any previously unreleased or bonus tracks should receive the release date of when these were first made available. All Tracks Required. For the digital version of an album, all tracks that exist on the physical version must be delivered and the track numbering must match. The total track count must be provided in your delivery. Complete Albums Required. An album is incomplete if it is missing tracks that are available on the physical version in the same territory. For example, if the physical version of an album has ten tracks, and the version provided to iTunes contains eight tracks, the album is incomplete.

Explicit Content Flagging. Explicit content must be flagged Explicit with a parental advisory tag. Clean Version Flagging. Clean versions of audio content with an available explicit version must be flagged Clean to prevent customers from accidentally purchasing the clean version. Only flag tracks as Clean if there is a corresponding explicit version of the track. Censoring Words. Artist names, track titles, and album titles must be submitted in the original form that was intended by the artist.

Do not insert the asterisks yourself. Cover Art Size. Cover art must be at least x pixels. Larger images are recommended. The aspect ratio must be Booklet Dimensions. Booklets must have a minimum dimension of 11 x 8. A DIN A1 or larger page layout should be used. Images must not be blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect, or have other quality issues. Art must not contain website addresses, logos, or any other reference to competitors of iTunes.

References to Physical Packaging or Retailers. Art must not include references to the physical packaging for example, CD or cassette or any other retailers. Digital Product. Art must not include references to it being a digital product. Art must not contain pornography or a URL for a website that contains or links to pornography. The art must not be misleading for example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album.

Missing Content. Medley Version Information. Medleys are defined as multiple songs woven together and should be separated by a forward slash. Snippets and Advertisement Tracks Not Permitted. Snippets are defined as partial segments of songs that are meant to advertise the full-length content. Advertisement tracks are defined as full or partial songs that contain additional audio meant to advertise the album, individual songs, or other content.

Subliminal Content Not Permitted. Content that advertises subliminal audio will not be accepted. Ringtones on Music Albums. Ringtones must be submitted as ringtones, not songs. Music albums must not include ringtone tracks. Ringtone Information. Cover Ringtones. Classical Music Ringtones.

Ringtones of classical music must include the composer in the title. Standard nicknames for classical pieces are accepted. Music videos must not contain subtitles or lyrics displayed as subtitles. Lyric Videos. We do not accept official lyric videos in which the lyrics of the song are stylized as the main focus.

Music videos must not contain static or scrolling lyrics, nor audio for karaoke. Graphic Overlays. Music videos must not contain chyrons, static or scrolling lyrics, or lower-third graphics. Release Dates or Advertisements. Music videos must not contain release dates, logos, or advertisements. Nonstandard Music Videos.

Music videos that are artist interviews, commentaries, behind the scenes, or similar in content must be bundled with a music album and cannot be sold individually. Promotional Still Image Videos. Promotional videos such as videos displaying only the cover art and audio or slide shows will not be accepted. Teasers, Trailers and Partial Videos.


Music Video Quality. Music videos with poor quality such as glitches, blurriness, incomplete video or audio, no audio, out of sync audio and video, and so on will not be accepted. Explicit Content. Music Videos From Films. Music Video Album. Live Performance Music Videos. To be considered Live, audio and video must match and be from the same performance. Pre-recorded audio set to different performance footage is not considered Live. Release Date. Music video release dates should be the earliest date a music video was aired on any online video platform, DVD, or TV broadcast.

Music Video Cover Art. Music videos must use a screen capture image from the videos for cover art. Other images, such as album cover art, will not be accepted. Only the active pixel area may be included in music video cover art. Music video cover art must not contain inactive pixels, black bars, or letterboxing on the outer portions of the video frames. Inactive pixels on the cover art will not be accepted and should be cropped out. This section contains additional standards that are specific to western classical music.

For standard composer names, album titles, song titles, and other information for classical content, consult the International Music Score Library Project website. All performing artists must be marked as Primary for western classical music albums and ringtones. This includes any soloists, ensembles, accompanists, and conductors. Individual members of an ensemble should not be marked as Primary, unless they are featured as a soloist or serve as the director or conductor. Primary Artists at the Album Level.

The main artists highlighted for western classical music should be marked as Primary at the album level. For example, for a recording of:. Beethoven symphonies performed by a single orchestra and conductor, mark both the orchestra and conductor as Primary. Beethoven symphonies performed by several orchestras but with the same conductor, mark only the conductor as Primary. Beethoven symphonies performed by several orchestras and several conductors, mark Various Artists as Primary. Concertos performed by the same orchestra and conductor but featuring several soloists, mark the orchestra and the conductor as Primary.

A complete opera, mark the principal vocal soloists, the orchestra, and the conductor all as Primary. For example, for the opera Falstaff mark the principal baritone soloist, the orchestra, and the conductor as Primary. For the opera Tosca, mark the principal soprano, tenor, and baritone soloists, along with the orchestra and the conductor, as Primary.

Primary Artists at the Track Level. All artists performing on a track must be marked as Primary. Do not enter Various Artists as an artist name at the track level. For example, if a track features:. An orchestra but a prominent solo appears during the track, mark the orchestra, the soloists, and the conductor all as Primary. A choir accompanied by piano or orchestra, mark the choir, the accompanists or orchestra, and the conductor all as Primary. Only use Unknown Artist at the track level and with the Performer role.

Do not mark Unknown Artist as Primary. Primary Artists for Ensembles. Individual members of a named ensemble should not also be listed as primary but can be listed as a non-primary performer. If the album contains a collection of artists assembled only for the purposes of one particular album, each individual artist must be credited at the album and track level with the Performer role and marked Primary.

Use of Composer Role. At least one Composer must be provided at both the album and the track level. Unknown Composers. If the album contains selections of unknown authorship, such as a folk song or Gregorian chant, use Anonymous or Traditional as the composer. Misuse of Composer Role.